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Imagine if you could do this!

No matter what your ability or level, we can help you achieve excellence.

I cannot fly so swimming is the next best thing!
The water is my sky..

Swimmers are superheroes who have to settle for the nearest pool

Swimming!  One of life’s greatest pleasures.

We 100% Guarantee that you will get wet

Where else can we feel the weightlessness of space other than in the water.  Imagine being able to float with every muscle relaxed or feeling the power of your own body as it propels itself through the wobbly wet stuff we call water.

“At Reach Far Swim we pride ourselves on delivering high standards of swimming tuition and  development coaching through our personal and friendly service.”

– STEPHEN HUGHES (Great White Shark)

We are a team of  passionate and committed buoyancy and propulsion specialists.


We are passionate about swimming and have been competitive swimmers ourselves.  We  are all qualified to the highest standards set by Swim Ireland and the Swim Teacher Association.

  • Stephen Hughes
    Stephen HughesGreat White Shark
  • Lauren Hughes
    Lauren HughesStarfish

So how do we do it?


 Sort the men from the boys! Come and join us for a 30 minute assessment. In this time we will assess you to find your swim level. From here we can position you in the best class for your needs and ability allowing you to achieve success quickly and effectively.

Launch yourself into an underwater world

Beginners Level 1. Create confidence by learning how to blow bubbles in the water.

Be a master bubble maker

Beginner Level 2. Once you have mastered bubble blowing its time to learn the art of self immersion and blowing some more.

Become a propulsion apprentice

Beginner Level 3. Now that you can competently put your face under water, hold your breath and be bouyant, we now transition from flailing arms and legs to using them for propulsion .

Swimchronize your movements

Beginner Level 4. We swimchronize our movements to become a lean mean swimming machine and prove that we can swim a width of the pool.

Reach Far and Swim

Yee ha! I’m and improver. You have taken everything you have learnt, brought it together. You have been doing great. You are able to swim a width of the pool. It’s time to reach out and swim a full length of the pool.

Different strokes

Well done! You can swim! So let’s go a step further and develop our skills. Focus is on your technique, stamina, speed and different strokes. We ensure that you excel in all 4 strokes: front crawl, backstroke (back crawl), breaststoke and butterfly.

Let’s go swimming

Awesome! You can fly!  Well in the water anyway.  How would you like to join a club or swim in a race?  This course concentrates on preparing you for the swimming club and ready for competitive swimming.  You will be a rocket propelled. torpedo

What our clients say



I couldn’t rate Stephen highly enough and Lauren is fab too.  Lauren introduced David to the water (he was a nightmare ) and Stephen each week I’m amazed at what you have him doing.



Lauren and Stephen are brilliant teachers… I didn’t think my wee girl would ever have the confidence she has now in the water.



Both my children have attended swimming classes couldnt sing Stephen and laurens praises loud enough. Both have been amazing with my children. Especially at how well my son has come on at 2yrs old. Cant wait until summer so my daughter can return to her swimming.

04 / SUZY


Excellent swim school cannot recommend it highly enough. My son has made amazing progress from he started. Lauren is fab.

Our goal is to make your learning experience as enjoyable as possible. This starts with the booking process.  We have added our booking platform below to give you peace of mind that once booked online you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

–  LAUREN HUGHES (Starfish)

This is where you start swimming

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